Monthly Archives: July 2010

Real Beauty For Pizza?

Domino’s Pizza launched it’s “Real Beauty” campaign for pizza this week…Read the full article here. The campaign includes a website called Show Us Your Pizza where you can upload pictures of your freshly delivered Domino’s for a chance to win $500. They’re doing two things: 1) Trying to show that their pizza doesn’t need to be “retouched” to look good and 2) Effectively engaging customers with an effective web/social media strategy.

What about a “Show Us Your Smile” campaign? Wouldn’t it be great to have patients upload their own smiles along with those of friends/family etc. While the jury is still out on the success Domino’s will have, Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty has proven that the female consumer is far more responsive to REAL people. Use those pictures in your marketing materials and I’ll bet it will make a powerful impact with both new and existing patients.

Do your patients and your advertising say the same thing?

She-Economy is one of my favorite resources when it comes to effectively marketing to the female consumer. We’re reminded in this post that using social media as a tool to reach women is only as good as knowing how to use it correctly. You already know that “what a consumer says about your brand is far more important to other consumers than what a brand says about itself.”  So, if you’ve got a website that says your practice has “Convenient Evening and Weekend Hours”, but the posts/reviews on your Facebook page are from patients saying things like “I know you guys are closed, but I really need to have someone call me back about an appointment this Saturday” or “I had a dental emergency on a Friday afternoon and I couldn’t get an appointment until the following Tuesday” there will certainly be a disconnect. Sure, the reality of the situation is that the posts may not tell “the whole story”, but patient perception is reality. And social media has now given people the ability to share frequent feedback in an instant. What’s the lesson? Before you advertise something, make sure your social media channels will support the message. People will always believe other posts (true or not) before they believe your advertising messages…