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Honesty: How Providing Quality Content Will Grow Your Practice – Part II

In our last blog post, we looked at how being honest and transparent pays off for dental practices by being open with patients and instilling trust for the dentist.

We touched on the idea that patients first and foremost are worried about how much dental care will COST –  making honesty and transparency about that specific topic extremely important.

We also explained that even though your patient may think cost is a tremendous factor in their final decision, you can’t run your dental practice based on adjusting your cost to match the competition. Instead, you have to adjust the patient’s thinking – by showing them that cost isn’t as important a factor as VALUE. You close the deal by showing them exactly what kind of value they get by choosing your practice rather than the cheaper dental center down the road.

The best way to address this? Your content.

The content you create and share online is one of the fastest, most effective ways to disseminate information about your practice. You have plenty of opportunities to show how honest and transparent you are!

Answer as many Questions as Possible

Start with your website and your blog. You can answer a LOT of questions with clear, comprehensive posts! Listen and brainstorm. Think of the most asked questions you hear from your patients and prospective patients, and create a list of headlines that address those questions.

  • ŸWhat is … ? Many patients may have been told they need a specific kind of procedure, such as a root canal. You can answer questions about different types of treatments with articles such as “What is a Root Canal?”
  • ŸWhy does … ? Other patients my question why a certain procedure may be advised, such as sealants. Answering the question “Why does my child need sealants?” gives you the opportunity to explain the procedure’s benefits as well as what parents can expect for their kids.
  • How much … ? Once again, the cost question. Of course you can’t give an exact price without seeing a patient, but it should be no problem for you to answer “How much is a wisdom tooth extraction?” with a range of fees. Many dentists AVOID this discussion entirely. When was the last time you purchased something without asking about the fee? Patients don’t have a ‘dental budget’ so anything above $0 is an unplanned expense. People don’t buy what they don’t understand. More importantly, people don’t accept treatment without asking about the fees. It is a reality of dentistry. Accept it. Your website should provide basic information and your team should be experts at both answering fee questions and explaining value. It’s crucial to success.

Present Your Practice as the Answer

You can also consider other keywords to target by imagining what a prospective patient looking for dental care might “Google”. Incorporate these into Call to Action (CTA) headlines then reel in patients with your reasons why you are the best and can provide them with what they want and need:

Ÿ  Finding a Board-Certified Periodontist in Atlanta, Georgia for your Dental Implants

Ÿ  Choosing An Experienced Boston Pediatric Dentist for your Child

Ÿ  Find a New York, NY, Cosmetic Dental Practice Offering Conscious Sedation

Presenting you and your practice as the answer is easy when you tell people what they need, then show them that YOU are the who, how and where they are looking for!

Address your competition

If you’re in an area with a variety of other dental providers (and most of you are), a potential patient is likely to do research comparing your practice to others. Get a step ahead by mentioning your “competition” on your blog and/or your social media posts. Many dentists express concern about the rise of “corporate” dental chains, but do little to clearly outline the difference their practices’ offer using their digital channels. You don’t have to be ultra negative – just find something you offer that they don’t and point that out. If you don’t want to mention them by name, that’s fine – a Facebook post that emphasizes the difference between “you” vs. “them” can get the point across without slinging mud.

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Answering your patient’s questions honestly (and in great detail) is the number one thing you can do to grow trust for your practice. It really is the best policy!