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It’s all about the “little things”…

I’ve been a Hilton Diamond Member for many years and spent thousands of dollars at their hotels. And yet, this little “Guest of the Day” certificate and mug of treats made me feel like I really mattered to this Hilton property in North Carolina. Your patients probably won’t remember your clinical credentials.  What they will remember are the “little things” that you and your team do, before, during and after their visit to the practice. I’m amazed at how many practices I visit that don’t consistently do the following three things:

1. Have the doctor place a brief introductory call to each new patient two days before their first visit.

2. Send a handwritten thank-you card to every new patient after their first appointment.

3. Nominate and contact a “patient-of-the-week” just to thank them for being a patient.

Remember, your patients want to know that they matter to your practice. Clinicians are sometimes more inclined to write a “big marketing check” before they look within at the little things they could do to stimulate new patient flow and increase patient retention. Start practicing these three simple things and watch the difference it can make in your practice.

Real Beauty For Pizza?

Domino’s Pizza launched it’s “Real Beauty” campaign for pizza this week…Read the full article here. The campaign includes a website called Show Us Your Pizza where you can upload pictures of your freshly delivered Domino’s for a chance to win $500. They’re doing two things: 1) Trying to show that their pizza doesn’t need to be “retouched” to look good and 2) Effectively engaging customers with an effective web/social media strategy.

What about a “Show Us Your Smile” campaign? Wouldn’t it be great to have patients upload their own smiles along with those of friends/family etc. While the jury is still out on the success Domino’s will have, Dove’s Campaign For Real Beauty has proven that the female consumer is far more responsive to REAL people. Use those pictures in your marketing materials and I’ll bet it will make a powerful impact with both new and existing patients.

You Need Google Analytics…Yesterday

Google Analytics are a FREE tool that allow you to monitor your website’s performance and improve ROI. Everyone should have them installed on their site. You need to know what your website “does” before you start making changes or investing in web marketing/social media tactics. Get them today!