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CMO “On-Call”

Many dental practices simply don’t have room for an in-house CMO in their budget. myDentalCMO was created to fill the gap for practices seeking marketing direction, from practice analysis, marketing plan creation and team training to complete hands-off marketing management.

However, not all practices need our full range of services. That’s why we’ve created an accessible and affordable program to assist practices that have the occasional need for dental practice marketing advice.

Contact us to find out if our CMO “On-Call” service is what you’re looking for:

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CMO “On-Call”

With CMO “On-Call”, you can contact us at any time and get well thought out answers to your most pressing dental marketing questions at our affordable hourly rate.*

  • NO deliverables commitment
  • NO monthly contract
  • NO strings attached

CMO “On-Call” gives you access to our professional expertise without signing you up for a complete marketing plan, team training, or our “Executive” monthly CMO services.

Need Sound Advice? We Have You Covered!

CMO “On-Call” can be utilized in a wide variety of situations. Call us when:

  • You’re undecided as to whether or not a billboard outside town is a good idea
  • You want to ramp up your web marketing but need someone to explain the difference between SEO, SMM and PPC
  • You can’t think of a good idea for your practice’s next press release
  • You’ve received a proposal from a local radio station and want a marketing expert to look it over
  • You’re planning an upcoming Smiles For Life campaign with the Crown Council and are unsure as how to get it off the ground
  • You can’t figure out why your Facebook Page isn’t driving new patients to your practice
  • You get a bad review on Yelp and don’t know how to respond
  • You want to sponsor a local event but don’t know where to start

Spend just $199 and take an hour to get qualified answers from a dental marketing professional. It’s a resource that fits your budget and your needs!

Call us today and find out how CMO “On-Call” could be the right marketing choice for you.

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*Minimum one hour call limit at our low hourly rate of $199


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