Dental Economics Articles
by Kristie (Nation) Boltz

Dental Economic Articles by Kristie Nation

Social signals and SEO: Is there a connection?

THE PRINCIPLES OF SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, or SEO, are ever changing. It’s getting harder and harder to “game the system,” thanks to search engines such as Google gaining the capability to harness artificial intelligence to help them continually refine their algorithms. As soon as someone figures out how to beat Google’s algorithm, a new version appears to close the loophole.

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Is this platform right for my practice?

LITTLE OVER A DECADE AGO, social media marketing started its rapid ascent, and companies began going online in earnest. Social media was becoming the new word-of-mouth, and not participating in the conversation meant not being able to control it.

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Is your dental practice using video to reach potential patients on social media?

IF YOUR DENTAL PRACTICE IS ON FACEBOOK, you’ve taken that all-important first step to social media marketing. If you’ve laid out a posting calendar and are creating and sourcing content to fill each date, you’re two steps ahead of most of your competition. But to really succeed, you have to stay abreast of the trends— and right now, the trend is video.

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Is your dental practice on Instagram?

IN 2010, 97% of dentists who used social media said they used Facebook, while 38% said they used LinkedIn, and 32% said they used Twitter.1 In 2018, social has become massively visual, and Instagram is now attracting the attention of savvy dentists seeking to showcase their work.

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The social connection to your dental practice’s digital marketing plan

SOCIAL MEDIA isn’t a standalone solution for online dental practice marketing. Social media should be part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Expecting to watch your practice take off after you begin using social media is unrealistic, but you can make it a big part of your overall marketing program’s success.

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Reconciling content creation, social media, and branding for dental practices

IT’S EXCITING TO SEE a dental practice’s social media marketing begin to take shape. But it’s all too easy to allow your overall branding and messaging strategies to become disjointed and fragmented, as social media diverges from what you might have already established for other content channels. How can you ensure your message is clear and consistent?

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