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The Web and Social Media are here to stay — and while many dentists hesitate to expand their practice’s presence online, the internet is one of the best things to ever happen to local businesses.

At myDentalCMO, we teach dental practices how leverage the web and social media for the most efficient, rewarding and cost effective marketing solutions possible. Contact us to find out how our CMO packages increase online visibility and ROI for dental practices!

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Interruption Marketing vs. Permission Marketing

Before the internet, most marketing was “interruption” style. Advertising — including TV ads, radio ads, magazine ads, billboards, etc — is interruption marketing because it interrupts the consumer and tries to steal their attention while they are doing or watching something else. Interruption marketing is like grabbing someone’s sleeve and trying to drag them through your practice doors.

Web and social media marketing are permission based. People are online, all the time, actively LOOKING for healthcare information and searching for dentists; they are seeking you out, “liking” and “following” you and reading your website pages and social media posts. Permission marketing gives you an automatic edge. Permission marketing is like someone grabbing YOUR sleeve and asking you for directions to your practice!

What has Your Website Done for You Lately?

Here’s a little known secret: Most dentists have TERRIBLE websites.

An even lesser known secret: Even the dentists who have GOOD websites often don’t know how the site is supposed to help their practice — they noticed that their respected colleagues had a website, so they acquired one too.

  • Fact: A practice website is a powerful marketing tool, not a vanity plate on the internet. myDentalCMO can create a powerful, functional website for your practice that actually brings in new patients.
    Most dentists are under the impression that once a website is built, that’s it — done deal. Wrong again! Your website is only as good as its ranking in the search engine — and the rules change several times a year. In order to keep your website at the top of search results for dentists in your area, you have to continually update, improve and market it online.
  • Fact: The winning recipe for a successful website is equal parts search engine optimization and content creation, with a smattering of social media, a heaping cup of reputation management and a pinch of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. myDentalCMO can help you adjust the proportions for a customized “recipe” that yields perfect results.
    Not everyone who visits your website is a new patient. In fact, data indicates that for many practices, existing patients use their website far more often — but most websites are solely focused as portals for potential patients to discover you through.
  • Fact: If you can’t identify a regular stream of patients who originated from a visit to your website, your website isn’t doing its job. myDentalCMO can help analyze your website, figure out why people aren’t using it to book appointments, and help turn your site into the funnel it is intended to be.

What About Social Media?

If your website is the funnel to your practice, social media is the funnel to your website! Social media is the online version of your local community — where you can interact with existing and potential patients in a relaxed, conversational setting.

The problem with most dental practice’s social media plans is that they try to use social platforms as an advertising medium — and nothing turns off people gathered together for casual conversation like the Amway guy crashing the party.

The key to effective social media is learning how to join in the conversation and add value. Let people ask you for information — don’t cram it down their throats! myDentalCMO brings years of experience on all social platforms to the table, helping you leverage the power of social media to support and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing plan.

How Can myDentalCMO Help?

We start by analyzing your website and practice, identifying key pieces of data, such as:

  • How many people visit your practice’s social profiles and website monthly
  • Where they come from (online search results, social media, etc)
  • How many online visitors are existing patients vs. new patients
  • How many website visits generate a phone call to your practice
  • How many office appointments are scheduled as a result of online interaction
  • How much each new patient costs your practice
  • Which marketing methods are achieving acceptable ROI
  • Where the weak spots are in your web and social media campaigns

This real time information can be used to help develop a more cost effective marketing budget that redirects spending to the places it will do the most good. Monies can and should be moved around and reallocated in response to the changing online landscape!

After six months or a year, you may find that improving your website and increasing social media actions have allowed you to cut your web marketing budget in half — and your new patient acquisition has doubled!

Contact myDentalCMO today and ask about our various services for web and social media intervention, including website, social media and reputation analysis; marketing analysis and marketing plan creation; on-site and remote team training; and more.

We help you create the right web presence for your practice, with measurable results!

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