Turn Your Team Into
Your Greatest Marketing Asset

Team Training:
Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

If your team is on your side; when you succeed, so do they.
But, are you utilizing your team to their full potential?
You could be ignoring one of your most valuable marketing resources!

What is Marketing?

Let’s take a quick look at what marketing ISN’T. Marketing isn’t writing a check. Marketing isn’t just “advertising”. Marketing isn’t all about selling.

So, What IS Marketing?

Marketing is broader than all of that. Marketing is how your practice is perceived from the patient’s point of view. Marketing is a TEAM effort — meaning EVERYONE in your practice needs to be on board and involved.

Why Team Training?

Getting your team involved with your marketing plan is crucial to your practice’s success.

  • Your team members talk to your patients more than you do.
  • Your team members interact in the community
  • Your team is the first line for word of mouth when it comes your practice!

Your team is the most valuable resource you have, yet many practices ignore their value and don’t allow them to operate at their full potential.

How can myDentalCMO Help?

We take your team from a group of people who work in your office and turn them into a marketing powerhouse — able to step up in any situation and turn a potential patient into a scheduled one!

Here are just a few situations we can educate and prepare your team for, so more opportunities turn into new patients for your practice.

  • Turning Leads into Patients
    One of the biggest marketing fails is when the response to a lead falls flat. Not all potential patients come through the same sales funnel. A patient who calls in thanks to a radio spot or a printed ad has different questions and concerns than one who has been referred by a friend and is already prepared to schedule! MyDentalCMO provides specialized training on how to handle ALL types of leads, for maximum caller to patient conversion!
  • Utilizing Current Practice Tools
    If you are already spending part of your marketing budget on tools like Smile Reminder, Demandforce or Lighthouse for appointment confirmations via e-mail and text, your team may be familiar with them. What they may NOT know is that these common tools have a wealth of other features — including e-mail marketing, social media posting, reputation management and more! A few hours of one-on-one training with myDentalCMO teaches every member of your team exactly how to utilize these tools for maximum impact – making each dollar spent that much more valuable!
  • Growing Your Practice with Word-Of-Mouth
    “Ask for referrals” is the number one recommendation for practices seeking to grow their patient base. The best kind of patients come from word-of-mouth marketing, and the best time to convince a patient to advocate for you is after an AMAZING experience at your practice. Why isn’t your practice BURSTING at the seams with new patients referred by other patients? It’s because your team doesn’t know how to bring up the topic! We teach your team how to make marketing a part of what they do — every day — so your word-of-mouth increases like never before.

STOP spending marketing dollars on “advertising campaigns” that go nowhere.

START investing in your team, to turn them into a built-in marketing force that yields real results.

You’ll be amazed at how much a well trained team can do for you! We offer:

  • Full day or half day onsite training sessions
  • Phone training sessions
  • Webinar training sessions

Call or email us today and set up a consultation. We look forward to working with you and your team!

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