Are you earning your gift?

Yesterday was my birthday.

Yep, Valentine’s Day. The Day of Love. And when I opened my phone, I saw these were just a few of the messages. One from a specialist, my general dentist, Delta, and a vendor. And I’m here to tell you, these messages don’t work. I know you’ve been told that it’s essential to load patient birthdays into the computer and “enable” the birthday texts and emails. I just wanted to ask you to turn them off. Why?

Because they are impersonal, generic, dispassionate, and, most importantly, not in the least bit effective.

Would you continue to use a composite material that didn’t last more than a few weeks? Would you keep an intraoral camera in the office if it was unrepairable?

Dentistry is a people business. All this technology we’ve added has, in some cases, made the patient experience better. In this case, it makes it worse. It makes me feel like a number.

If you want me to smile when I think of you, send friends to see you, and say yes to your recommendations, you should take 30 seconds to write a text that says, “Happy Birthday, Kristie! We hope you got on a great Peloton ride this morning and ate a delicious dessert you didn’t bake. We’re celebrating you today! Thanks for being our patient!”

If it’s not personal, it’s invisible.

The Best Thing I Listened To This Week
“This is how I would judge my life…Did I earn my gift?” 
Peter Attia, MD, interviews Ric Elias, the founder of Red Ventures, on his podcast in November 2019. Ric was on US Airways Flight 1549 with Capt. Sullenburger, and for 90 seconds, thought he was going to die. His 2011 Ted Talk “3 Things I Learned When My Plane Crashed”  is less than 5 minutes long. So, if you’re crunched for time, you can watch that. However, if you’ve got a longer window of time, the entire podcast episode is EXCEPTIONAL. He talks about collecting bad wines, the Infinite Game, losing the Tug of War with your kids, and how time is our only currency.
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