Image and Connection

What do you see?

Some people think that marketing is all about image – what people see.
Be honest; what do you see above?

Images can be powerful.
Marketers often tell people to show their audience what is “behind the scenes.” How about now; what do you see?

Do credentials matter?

What happens when I add credentials to an image; does it change your perspective? Increase credibility? Give you a stronger desire to connect?

What about being featured in a community?

Does your association with a specific community improve or detract from your image? What if you need to learn what the community is?

Do awards and accolades generate trust?

Does an award make you stand out? Or create confusion, judgment, or, even worse, disconnection?

The truth is…

You, me, and every person, company, and brand we interact with is the SUM OF THEIR PARTS. What we “see” visually isn’t the same because none of us are the same. Great marketing allows people to see you and connect in different waysMadison Marsh made history when she became the first active duty US Air Force officer to be crowned Miss America. She is also a pancreatic cancer advocate, Harvard graduate student, pilot, daughter, philanthropist, friend, and more. Every single one of the pictures above is her. And, yes, some of them have been “photoshopped.” I bet some of yours have used a filter or two as well 😉

It’s also worth noting that most of us make “snap judgments,” both good and bad, based on our first visual impressions, and we add (or subtract) from that judgment over time. I’m willing to bet that when you saw the first picture, you didn’t think, “Here’s an Air Force Pilot” or “Here’s a woman who lost her Mom to pancreatic cancer and started a foundation.” Please be aware that patients often make snap judgments of the visual presentation of your practice, both good and bad. Remember to focus and review often the image you and your team want to present. Credentials don’t mean much if the reader doesn’t know what all the letters behind your name stand for. Organizations you belong to may not mean as much to others without the “WHY” behind your participation. Are you curating a multi-faceted image or relying on that first look?

When you want to connect with people – make sure they “see” more than one version of you. And no, this doesn’t mean you need to be on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and X….(you get the idea).
It means that you and your team have more opportunities to connect when people get a chance to see you as more than just “their dentist, their hygienist, their accountant, their consultant, their doctor, their pet groomer…Because you’re so much more than that. And so are they.

Here’s to all of connecting a little bit better…

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