Dental Partners of Boston

“Dental Partners of Boston has worked with My Dental CMO, since 2010. Kristie Nation, its owner, has earmarked the distinctions of our multispecialty practice, and through her vast understanding of the industry, she has guided me through many campaigns that have strengthened our practice, which continues to flourish steadily, year after year, with her assistance.

Kristie’s energy and drive are contagious, and she has keen insight into what drives a patient to a specific office mainly by her clear understanding of the evolution of dentistry in the last decade. As a fulltime practitioner and managing member of a multi-location practice, I have come to rely on Kristie to understand my brand as it pertains to what is trending. Without her commitment, I would not be able to devote the amount of time it requires to keep our practice leading the industry unless I were to cut back on my chair time. Through the years, Kristie has always made herself available and had given my practice her utmost attention allowing me to focus on my patients. I feel she is an invaluable member of our group.”

Stephen Brown, DDS, FACD, FICD

“Since beginning my work with Kristie, nearly ten years ago, she has helped us to develop new sources of patients through her unique skills at watching trends and assisting us to regularly tweak our marketing efforts to achieve proven and measurable results.”