Where are all the unicorns?

Unicorns? Yes, unicorns.
The ideal high-value patient your practice is always looking for.

Everybody wants them.
The ideal high-value patients.
The unicorns.

The ones who show up on time for their appointments, say yes to the treatment you recommend, pay their bill, make you smile, brighten the days of your team, and hopefully refer more of their mysterious unicorn friends.

There’s a secret to bringing more of these unicorns into your practice to become long-term patients.

Would you like to know what the secret is?

“I only have a few unicorn patients. They come into the practice inconsistently. How do I get more of them?”

If you are struggling with consistency in word-of-mouth referral patients, the first place to look is the mirror at the consistency of your efforts.

When did you last send a thank you to a patient ‘just because’? Do you have a ‘Patient of the Week’ program to make those desired patients feel appreciated in a way that is above and beyond what they expect from a dentist? Are you engaging with the community in a meaningful way?

These seemingly small acts of service and love can be game changers.
But it cannot just be a one and done.

Consistency trumps perfection

Creating an environment that people want to refer their friends and family to is not done overnight or with a one-shot effort. The good news, it is not something that needs to take up a lot of your time. Instead, it would be best if you had an efficiently executed plan and a willingness to take 5 minutes out of every day to better someone else’s day. The key is to start somewhere and keep going. Consistent efforts over time from you and your team are critical to a lasting word of mouth strategy that continues to bring those high-value unicorns to your door.

I’m getting back into “consistent” outdoor riding here in Central Ohio as I prepare for the upcoming Challenged Athletes Foundation 620-mile Million Dollar Challenge. I can’t “cram for the test” one month before the event. And you and your team can’t “cram for unicorn patients” with inconsistent efforts. Commit to 5 minutes a day. Start there. Keep moving forward.

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