The easiest way to weed out bad habits

Does any of this happen in your practice?

…teammates perpetuating gossip rather than appropriately addressing issues?
…repeating yourself over and over to your best assistant that she needs to get off her cell phone in the treatment room? straggling team member who shows up 3-5 minutes late to the morning meeting a couple of times a week?

These bad habits can easily creep in if they are allowed to slide once or twice without being addressed. A one-time exception can, unfortunately, become the ‘regular.’ Sometimes we are left disappointed when team members do not live up to expectations that were never clearly set to begin with.

What if you created an environment where team members are encouraged to hold each other accountable?


In the same way that a written job description can assist you, as a supervisor, in holding someone accountable for their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, team agreements go one step further. They allow your team members to hold each other responsible daily as well.

Kirk Behrendt of ACT Dental says that these team agreements minimize friction by giving “all members of the team a template for what is expected during their day-to-day work.” (Kirk provides a quick guide on how to get started with your team and some examples of team agreements here).

As elementary as it may seem, once everyone has agreed to follow the rules, they can be more easily enforced. Decide what your rules are together as a team;  define and agree upon the expected and acceptable behaviors as a group. Taking the time to have one courageous conversation will help you avoid more uncomfortable confrontations in the future.

What’s the easiest way to weed out bad habits?
Don’t let them take root in the first place. 

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