Are you building peaks or fixing potholes?

“Great experiences hinge on peak moments.” – Dan Heath

When you drove into work today, were you overwhelmed with joy by all the roads you went on with no potholes? Did you want to tell all your friends about your route because it was such a smooth ride? Were you wondering how you could track down the workers who recently repaved the road to thank them?

Doubtful. For most people, simply fixing their problems doesn’t make them happy.

In this four-minute video, Dan Heath talks about how our memories of our experiences are not really fair. Instead, we remember snippets, scenes, or moments: most often, the peak (the best or worst moment) and then the ending.

What are you doing in your practice every day to create peak moments for your patients? Especially at a time when patients are required to dip into their discretionary funds to pay for their treatments, quit worrying so much about the potholes. Maybe try throwing a parade on that street instead.

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