Are you putting in the work behind the scenes?

How do we go from
“This doesn’t exist” to ‘It does exist”?

As many of you may have seen, this week,the first images were shared from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).
They showed multitudes of nameless galaxies that first emitted light more than 13 billion years ago. These images are stunning. They evoke wonder and awe and stir my inquisitive nature and thirst for more knowledge. I found a great video from Scientific American that showed some of the creation processes and technologies required to make these astonishing images possible.

More than 30 years of research, development, and construction have gone into building the JWST.  The infrared technology is so sensitive that it could detect the heat of a bumblebee if it were flying on the moon’s surface. Teams of people created technologies that had not previously existed and required cooling the telescope to temperatures of minus 380 degrees Fahrenheit.

When describing some of the processes of creation Keith Parrish, a commissioning manager of the project, said they had to ask themselves:
“How do we go from’ This doesn’t exist to ‘It does exist’?”

“It was a privilege to watch incredibly talented people pour their entire energy into this…”

While science and technology are fascinating, I couldn’t help but be inspired by the human element – the 1,200 skilled scientists, engineers, and technicians required for construction alone and the thousands of others working behind the scenes for over three decades. Parrish said it was a privilege to watch “incredibly talented people pour their entire energy into this and almost will it into being.”

What have you and your team poured your “entire energy” into?

Yes, I understand – you are not trying to build a 10-million-dollar telescope in your practice. What if you poured your “entire energy” into each day as if you were? You and your team must consistently execute behind-the-scenes efforts to make that possible.

The brilliant images we now see are the product of the efforts of many, and success in your practice is no different. A commitment to continuous education and training with your team can be a great starting point. Hold consistent morning meetings that reflect on the day before, including praise and opportunities. Work together to find ways to surprise and delight your patients just because – it doesn’t have to wait for a case completion or someone’s birthday.

Your work together behind the scenes will produce beautiful images from your practice – the smiles on the faces of your patients combined with their willingness to share their stories about the quality of care received and how you made them feel. Those are the images we want to see.

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