What happens in the first two minutes of your day?

Close your eyes and think about when you woke up this morning.
Was it to an alarm? A crying baby? Your spouse snoring? The coffee grinding? The sounds of nature?Next, think about what you did in the first two minutes.Did you grab your phone?

Some of you say, “Of course, I grabbed my phone. My alarm is on my phone. I had to grab it.” I know because I’ve said it.

Last Friday night, my husband and I drove about an hour outside of Columbus to stay in the Hocking Hills. This may shock you, but our little cabin had no cell phone or internet service. When we woke up on Saturday morning, the sound of the wind in the trees and the many different birdsongs were what caught our attention,  not what we both saw on our phones. When we ventured over to the main house, we could connect to the property Wi-Fi and “BAM. Notifications galore.” We’ve got a family group text, and on Saturday morning, there were over 100 text messages in just that group.

We have a serious problem with our phones. Very few people can grab their phones, turn off the alarm, and not look at all the notifications. In fact, as Americans, we’re getting worse. Nearly 90% of us say we look at our phone in the first ten minutes of waking up. And that’s up 10% from just one year ago.

This week I listed to Rich Roll interview Neil Pasricha. Neil is the author of nine books and journals, including The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation. And Neil has a brilliant solution for happiness that starts with the first two minutes of your day. Watch his 60 seconds of advice here.

Here’s a hint: He asks himself three questions as soon as he opens his eyes…

 You’ve got to think of happiness like a practice.
Then being happy leads to doing great work.
And the great work leads to having big success.
– Neil Pasricha

Do you have a spare $3,500?
Prosthetic limbs for sports are NOT covered by medical insurance. A single prosthetic running leg starts at around $3,500. Think about the last thing you spent $3,500 on. A vacation? A car for your teenager? Or are you saying, “I don’t have that kind of money!” As it turns out, quite a few amputees, both kids and adults don’t have those resources either. And yet, they still want to be able to participate in the joy of sport.In 2022, the Challenged Athletes Foundation awarded 3,256 grants in 83 different sports. So, it wasn’t just running legs. There were wheelchairs for basketball, sleds for sled hockey, handcycles and more.Over 60% of the grant recipients were in households with an annual income under $50,000.

By making a donation to CAF, you are giving someone the gift of

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  • community
  • mobility
  • self-esteem

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Next Saturday, you can hear from some of these athletes…
I’m hosting a VIRTUAL WORKSHOP on Saturday, June 3, 2023, featuring 14 challenged athletes. I’d love to have you join us.For a $100 donation to CAF, you can grab a virtual ticket, including the recording.So stop telling yourself, ‘I can’t make it that day!”

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Heading into Memorial Day weekend, these are in the trunk tonight for our Cycling Club ride here in Central Ohio.
We’ll save the origin story of Red Velvet Cake for another time.
Enjoy these Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting from one of my favorite OG food bloggers, Brown Eyed Baker.