Why didn’t you raise your hand?

At a crowded conference, when someone asks for a volunteer would you raise your hand?

In her 2014 TedX Talk, Carrie Green began by asking for a volunteer. When one man walks onto the stage, he is handed $20 and told he can return to his seat. Plain and simple, all he had to do was show up. He didn’t receive any other instructions.
It was an option given to anyone, so why didn’t everyone volunteer? Fear, doubt, obstacles, lack of motivation. Most of the audience stayed in their seats, waiting for the epiphany that never came.
It’s doubtful that someone is standing up on the stage with a stack of cash to coax you towards your goals.

How do you coax yourself?

What were your practice and personal goals on January 1st?

You wrote down your goals.
When was the last time you looked at them?
More importantly, have you written the STEPS it will take to achieve them?

You are the only person that knows those answers, but you must take the time to ask yourself the questions. What is something that you want to focus on growing or changing, and how will you get there?

What about your team? Have you met with them, both as a group and individually, to “check in” and adjust the steps required as necessary?

Show up for yourself. Raise your hand.

Carrie closed by saying, “Success is no accident. You have to do it on purpose. It starts by knowing exactly what you want to achieve, knowing why you want to achieve it, knowing the kind of person you need to become to make it happen, and then programming your mind to make it happen.”
So, raise your hand. Show up for yourself. Volunteer to do the great things in your own life necessary to make you and your practice even more extraordinary.

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