Names, The Iron Cowboy, and Little Leo

This was my face on Monday morning…

I sat in the reception area of my dental office, waiting for my semi-annual cleaning at 8 am. I LOVE my dentist, and, like many others, I think their office struggles with a few things right now. For starters, I was there at 7:47 for my 8 am appointment, and at 7:57, I watched the assistant come around the corner and say, “Are you ready to huddle?” to the ADMIN team. Hmmm…

At 8:02, a face I didn’t recognize (new RDH) came out
“Yes. That’s me!”
“Come on back.”

For the next 50 minutes, I had an exceptional dental cleaning. Probably one of the best I had in my life. And yet, this hygienist missed one of the most fundamental opportunities to connect.
She never introduced herself.
For that matter, neither did ANYONE at the practice.
And there were a lot of new faces.

Is every member of your team introducing themselves to patients they don’t know?

This isn’t rocket science. Good heavens. This isn’t even something you’d find in an Advanced Marketing textbook. It’s one of the most basic rules of customer service, and yet, I’m starting to notice it EVERWHERE, not just in my own dentist’s office.

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