Writing Your Name, The Right Time, Luxury And Lemons

Can you write your name?

Last Friday, I participated in a clients’ Strengths Savvy workshop.

Not the first time I’ve heard the great Maximizers Leanne Burnett and Valerie Menzel talk about “showing up in our strengths.” I was first exposed to the Clifton Strengths Assessment in 2020 and have participated in virtual and in-person presentations they have given. This one was the best.

At this workshop, each attendee attempted to write their name five times with both their right and left hands. As you would expect, most of us struggle to write our names with our non-dominant hands. You would also be reluctant to pick up a handpiece or scaler with your non-dominant hand. Our strengths are our dominant hand. We’re our best when we use them at work and home.

Over 90% of Fortune 500 Companies use CliftonStrengths to inspire their teams with Strengths-based development. And yet, I’ve met very few dentists and groups who have participated in a Clifton Strengths workshop. It is LIFE-CHANGING. Why?

Because we are all at our very best when we use our unique talents and live our Strengths, discovering your unique gifts is like suddenly learning to write with your dominant hand after you have been trying to write with your non-dominant hand for years. It is LIFE CHANGING.

Look at just a few of the “MIT” and “MNS” notes from the team on Friday.

Do you know your strengths?
Does your team?
And most importantly, do you know how those gifts can “play together” to serve your patients?

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Picasso.
The most valuable 60 seconds of advice I heard this week.
“Ask yourself this – How do you live your life TODAY?
Would you change anything if you found out that you had just a few more months to live? If the answer is yes, what are you waiting for? There’s rarely a good time, or the right time, to make big changes in life. For all we know, that day may never come. So go out and live, with your heart full of love, gratitude, and peace. Tell your children you love them – every day. Be nice to yourself and dare to love yourself and dare to choose the life that you want to live and work towards that.”Elin Kjos, TedX KI, 2022  told two years ago she had incurable lung cancer and had less than a year to live
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This Week’s Recipe:

Soft and Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies – Buckfarms Bakery

These are super soft and doughy in the middle and slightly chewy around those cute cracked edges. They’re finished with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and a swirl of silky lemon cream cheese buttercream.

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